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Pasture Grazer Plain Mineral

Pasture Grazer Plain Mineral is designed as an all-purpose beef cattle mineral. With a 2:1 calcium-phosphorus ratio, Pasture Grazer Plain Mineral meets the requirements of the cow-calf producer and works well on yearling cattle. Pasture Grazer Plain Mineral is highly fortified with vitamins, trace minerals and yeast cultures.


Calcium, Minimum
Calcium, Maximum
Phosphorus, Minimum
Magnesium, Minimum
Potassium, Minimum
Salt, Minimum
Salt, Maximum
Zinc, Minimum
4000 ppm
Copper, Minimum
2000 ppm
Selenium, Minimum
22 ppm
Iodine, Minimum
70 ppm
Vitamin A, Minimum
120,000 IU/lb.
Vitamin D-3, Minimum
15,000 IU/lb.
Vitamin E, Minimum
100 IU/lb.
  • All purpose beef cattle mineral for free-choice feeding on pasture
  • 2:1 calcium-phosphorus ratio
  • High level fortification of Vitamin A,D, and E.
  • High levels of zinc, selenium, manganese and copper and other trace minerals.
  • For cattle with high phosphorus requirements:
    • Heifers and cows in late pregnancy
    • Lactating cow with calf, consuming good quality forage
    • Yearlings
  • Palatable loose mineral - desired intake range of 2-4 ounces per head per day.
  • Contains 22.0% salt, therefore additional salt not necessary if cattle are consuming desired intake.