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New Generations Feeds - SmartLic Products

SmartLic Supplements, manufactured by New Generation Feeds, is a low-moisture "big block" company with products for all species and in various protein ranges. These products come in 250#, 125# and 60# containers that provide supplements of the highest nutritional value and also help producers minimize their supplement costs. SmartLic Supplements are recognized across the United States and Canada as the most nutrient dense and highest quality cattle supplements available.

SmartLic research has demonstrated that supplementation with their products will effectively improve forage intake and cattle performance. The reason for this result is quite simple - the high energy content of SmartLic blocks combined with increases in forage intake and forage digestion results in large improvements in digestible feed intake and hence - improved performance.

SmarLic Supplements provide an economical method of animal supplementation providing a very available protein source, high mineral fortification, excellent weather resistance and all with minimal labor.

For additional information: Call Min Mix Minerals at 1-800-530-5442 or E mail at [email protected] or [email protected]